In this series I wanted to visualize sencibilities about feminine relationship, meetings and separations, changes in life. About sisters, friends, mothers and daughters, the circle of life, even about something that everyone feels differently.


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This photography and hand painting mix was inspired by snowflakes. Each of them is defined as unique, temporary, brittle and beautiful peace that can be compared with a woman. So I related it with fashion and decorated woman’s visual appearance with snowflake fragments as jewelry to create a mystical beauty character.


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The Roop

Music band photoshoot designed to present a debut album including album cover. The new experience of four men photoshoot and a great challenge to prove myself I can create something interesting not only with a female. The idea was to reveal them as four very different personalities like four winds moving their own directions with their own worlds, which combines music.

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The Unforgettable

In a place there is no hope there comes a woman as a shadow of the end and a messenger of a new start. She is beautiful but also strong and frightening. If you saw her look once, you would never forget her. / Guess already the most memorable photoshoot created in burned forest (Nida, Lithuania) in collaboration with irreplacable stylist Rūta Kepalaitė, model Gintarė Šedytė. One of the photos received a great award – The Best Baltic Portrait Photograph 2015 name.


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